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A Social Plug-In With a Difference....

Salary Spy: the latest product offering from JXT - Australia’s only integrated digital recruitment solutions business - has landed. And it’s very cool.

What is Salary Spy?

It’s a smart survey tool that recruiters can quickly and simply embed into their websites, for tracking salaries in their sector or niche. It provides clients and candidates with a monitor of where the market’s sitting on salary by job type. And it gives the recruiter a position of ‘authority’ in their game. Nice.

Aside from all these technical positives, the real kicker with Salary Spy is perhaps less obvious: the SEO, marketing and website traffic benefits are outstanding.

Consider this:

  • you’re a well respected recruiter in the IT sector
  • you launch salary spy on your website (which, FYI, will get you a separate ‘vanity URL’ for purpose-built marketing - for example,
  • your candidates & clients start using the tool, uploading salary content
  • you build up a fantastic, regular and ‘live’ pool of data
  • candidates & clients keep coming back
  • Google recognises all of this, and rewards you with higher organic search rankings
  • the data you collect has its own marketing value: this is content the market’s keen to access

The other benefit is also marketing related: salary spy will look like it’s enterprise-owned. It will look like it’s been built by the recruiter, for the recruiter’s website. No tacky add-on. No out-of-brand-scope design. Just a simple, clean, brand-compliant tool. And, one that’s built with responsive design. So your candidate surfing on their iPhone or tablet, will have as great an experience as when they’re on their laptop.

Owned media is still the holy grail of today’s online marketing landscape: bringing your audiences back to your website/blog, is number one for brand engagement and recognition, AND for SEO. And as we all know, brochure-style websites are a thing of the 90’s. Get interactive and provide your markets with a reason to visit, to stay, to engage. Pretty simple really.

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